Thursday, December 9, 2010

MCMF USM2 Cheer Song~

we are the greatest one frOm the others,,,ngeh3~

let's lOok at our sOng,,,

na na na na na na na na (keep repeating untill all stay at their places)
Everywhere we gO,,,(2x)
PeOple want to knOw,,,(2x)
WhO we are,,,(2x)
sO we tell them,,,(2x)
We are the USM2,,,(2x)
Mighty pOwer USM2 (2x)


That's the way,,,(single),,,ahak (2x),,,(all)
We like it,,,ahak (2x),,,(all)
Let dO it,,,ahak (2x),,,(all)
We'll make it,,,ahak (2x),,,(all)

*class clap (2,3,4,2)

Ganbate (2x),,,Hora (2x),,,
Fanate (2x),,,Furu (2x),,,
gO ladies,,,gO buddies,,,
gOooooOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,,,(mexican's wave)

We are united,,,(2x)

*class clap (2,3,4,2)

Hey ladies,,,(bOy)
Hey buddies,,,(girl)
We gOt the same missiOn,,,(single)
Let's make it,,,(girl)
Let's dO it,,,(bOy)

*clap n stOmp yOur feet,,,

We will (2x) reach it (2x),,,(2x)
1,2,3,4,,,everybOdy,,,let mOve it,,,(single)
I like to mOve it mOve it,,,
You like to mOve it mOve it,,,
We like to mOve it mOve it,,,
We like tO,,,(single),,,mOve it,,,(all)

Say a mighty Ben Ten one day,,,(ummmhuuummmmmmmmmp)
Say a mighty Ben Ten,,,(ummmhuuummmmmmmmmp)
Say a mighty Ben Ten one day,,,what he wants is everyday,,,
What he wants is,,,(shalalala,,,shalalala,,,shalalala,,,shalalala,,,)

*class clap (2,3,4,2)

gOoooooo USM2,,,USM2,,,we have tO gO gO gO,,,
Winnnnnnn,,,we gOnna win,,,we gOnna win,,,we gOnna win win win,,,

 ~our grOup members~

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