Monday, December 13, 2010


taun nih xbrp bes smbut besday cOz berjauhan ngn family especially i'm far away frOm my belOved mOmmy,,,

da la mlm besday ak,,,da de makhluk Allah yg membuatkan ak kecik hati n telah menybabkan air mata ku mengalir laju d mlm besday ku,,,sedey sgguh,,,but nevermind,,,"let bygones be bygOnes",,,

fOr me,,,everything happens with da reasOns so that no pOint if i wan to keep it fOr lOng time,,,let it gO therefOre, it can't disturb my life aanymOre n i'll enjOy my life with cheerful,,,sadness is a part of cheerful,,,our life is nOt colOrful if jus hv cheerful n happiness withOut a bit of sadness,,,withOut a bit of sadness,,,later we'll be an arrOgant n we'll lOst our dignity,,,my tears will teach me da meaning of life n make me becOme more mature than befOre,,,

many peOple said,,,i'm nOt matured enOugh!!! y dis statement came out frOm their mOuth?? is't true??? huh i'm nOt sure but mayb sOmetime,,,heheh

lastly,,,i'm really hOpe that dis yer will be the bes year fOr me,,,neway every year is the bes year,,,hahahaa,,,hOpe i'll hv a better future than b4 n i hv a strenght to gO on my life with happiness, cheerful n fully enjOy my life,,,hOpefully all my dreams becOme true,,,plis pray 4 me freinds,,,cau~

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