Saturday, December 25, 2010

"McDiey,,,are yOu fishing??"

dat's da hOly wOrd frOm our tutOr of MCMF program,,,he said, "McDiey, are yOu fishing?? why nOt yOu stand up n walk arOund dis class??",,,hohO sO shy yOu knOw,,,but i can't pretending anymOre cOz i was catched by him becOz of i'm fishing!!!
dO yOu knOw what is fishing actually abOut????

hahahaha,,,in our class,,,fishing are sleepy~sleeping~sleepiness,,,hahaha,,,when v look at sOmeone with half clOsed eyes,,,v'll shOut,,,ARE YOU FISHING!!! hahahaha,,,sO shy u knOw!!!

but when i gOt fishing,,,i can't avOid my eyes frOm clOse,,,it's clOsed withOut my permissiOn,,,hahaha,,,i'm jus realize abOut it when my tutOr shOuted at me,,,hOw cOme u McDiey!!!

hmmmmm,,,pejam celik pejam celik,,,oledy 6weeks v r here 4 MCMF prOgramme,,,on da beginning i always hOpe masa akn berlalu dgn pantas but right nOw,,,ak rs sedey lak nk berpisah ngn kwn2 MCMF,,,they are sO spOtim n sekepala ngn ak,,,v enjOy our last few days wit hanging out 2gehter wit sOme cheerful activities such as play bOwling, karOk n mkn+lepak2 2gether,,,

sweet memOries tOgether,,,hmmmm afta dis prOgramme,,,v'll dO our own business n can't stand 2gether anymOre,,,mayb jus can cntact each other via FB,,,i'll miss ol da mOments when v are 2gether my belOved friends,,,cau~


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