Tuesday, December 21, 2010

hanging out~

dOno hOw to elabOrate my feeling,,,it's sO happy,,,fully of cheerful n i enjOy my day very well,,,

hohO,,,hanging out tOgether wit my MCMF group members alsO wit our insturctOr, Mr.Ben Tan,,,thanks to ol of u cOz make me very very very happy on dat day,,,

in da mOrning till nOon,,,we played bOwling 4 twO games,,,make it as a cOmpetitiOn n my grOup wOn da first prize,,,yehaaaa,,,dat's ol becOz of Nasa n my 'baby' (Li),,,mOst of da bOwls are strike to da pins,,,me??? jus clean da drain,,,hahahhaa,,,"makcik cleaner 4 da BJ BOWL's drain",,,

after dat we went to batu feringghi tO take our lunch n rilex our mind,,,at there we played 'galah panjang' game,,,in kelantan we said 'main cOh',,,ngeh3,,,

after dat we stOp @ masjid terapung area batu feringghi to sOlat asar n gOing back to USM,,,

withOut planning anything,,,v jus gO ahead,,,afta lunch @ pecal lele stall,,,v went to play bOwling again afta dat went to teluk kumbar,,,playing galah panjang again n eat nasik lemak ayam perap,,,then went to karOk at BJ Sekeluarga karOk centre,,,our weekend full wit jOyful,,,thanks u ol cOz make my life wOnderful,,,bOwling is our feberet game right nOw!!! cau~

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