Thursday, April 1, 2010

lOnely,,,sunyi n sepi,,,

it's empty inside my heart,,,

hv tOo much wOrk to do but dO no la,,,every single thing dat i do,,,stuck in da middle,,,sigh*

dO no why,,,dO no until when,,,dO no dO no n dO no what i'm gOing to dO,,,esemen msg383 dunOt finish yet,,,FYP repOt n animatiOn Oso dunOt finish yet,,,stdy fOr msg383 tes n kut102 tes,,,did'nt stat yet,,,OMG,,,what happen to me?????????????????????????????????????????

did i mis sOmeOne else??i think nOpe,,,exclude my mOm,,,i hv nObody except my mOm n my family,,,ohooOoo,,,

sOmetimes,,,i dunO hOw to manage my time prOperly,,,tOo much thing,,,n its oledy mixed up in my mind,,,OMG,,,to get away frOm my lOneliness,,,i like to sleep very much,,,sleep,,,sleep n sleep,,,arrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,sO???how da prOb will be setel if i'm always like dis???OMG,,,pls shOw me da way,,,da right way,,,pls vanish ol da lOneliness deeply in my heart,,,pls,,,pls,,,pls,,,huk3,,,~(T_T)~

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