Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i think,,,he's never give up

GIVE UP,,,it is  a thing dat we will dO if we oledy surrender n fed-up wit sOmething dat we hv dOne,,,

sO far,,,i think he never give up wit me,,,guess who is him??i dOn't knOw,,,hehehe,,,mayb he knOw whO is him,,,"clOse yet sO far",,,what's da meaning of dat statement???

OMG plis dOn't make me in cOnfuse,,,cOnfuse wit my feeling,,,cOnfuse wit my heart,,,cOnfuse wit my mine,,,cOnfuse,,,cOnfuse,,,cOnfuse,,,

nevermind,,,jus let it gO,,,jus wait n see,,,"if u r truely sent from heaven for me, i will not surrender even for a moment..",,,can i trust dat statement??? is't jus jOking o truely cOme out from da deep of ur heart my dear???

men always make me in cOnfuse,,,i dOn't like a LIAR,,,i hate a JOKER dat always use da wOrd like dat to fishing a wOman,,,sO far i dOn't think he's a liar because of  i'm osO dOn't knOw his truely feeling tOward me okay!!! jus God knOw everything,,,i'm jus waiting,,,keep waiting n waiting fOr da cOming sOon episOde,,,hahaha

hOpe one day i'll nOt cOnfuse to make my own decisiOn for my future life,,,i'll do my bes for my partner of my life n i hOpe it so from his side,,,

y i said he's never give up??? hehehe,,,jus keep it in my mind lol,,,but my instinct said dat "he's never give up",,,but 1 thing i want to say here is,,,i dOn't want to SHARE my LOVE wit sOmeOne else,,,i dOn't wan to be a greedy persOn actually but dat's my right as a human to be hOnest to myself,,,

everything is oledy arranged fOr us sO that if dat thing happens,,,i can't say anything if my destiny to share my lOve wit sOmeone else,,,hOpefully NOT!!!

lets we knOw each other 1st b4 we decide anything,,,but we can't knOw everything abOut sOmeOne untill we share our live wit dat guy,,,we can use da thing dat we dOn't knOw abOut dat guy b4 to enjOy our life tOgether n make our life mOre cOlourful,,,man n wOman are cOmplementary wit each other,,,sO we need tO find our pOint of chemistry for our lOve,,,dat's ol,,,cau~

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